One Donor Story of a Bequest that Benefited the Hospital, the Community and Himself!

Money! You can’t take it with you, but you can make it do outstanding things to carry on your philanthropic legacy. A significant expression of your values can be made in the form of a charitable bequest – a gift made through your will.

Bethesda would like to recognize the late Frank Littlewood, a Beacon Society member who made a bequest to the Foundation, who passed away last fall at the age of 100.

Mr. Littlewood, who retired to Boynton Beach and made this his full-time home in 1973, had worked in the electronics business in Trenton, New Jersey. He was a World War II veteran, serving in Italy from 1942-45 in the 84th Chemical Mortar Battalion. His sister, Marjorie, received exceptional care at Bethesda several years ago and Mr. Littlewood decided at that time to make a generous contribution through a bequest because of the care and treatment Marjorie received. Mr. Littlewood worked with former Foundation Chairman Marshall Duane of Merrill Lynch to set up his bequest.

Mr. Littlewood always said he was proud to be part of the Bethesda family. In recent years, he was cared for at Bethesda by his primary physician Richard Raborn, M.D.

If you would like to help the Hospital like Mr. Littlewood, bequests can be made in the form of a specific gift of cash or property, or a percentage of an estate. The percentage option allows for more flexibility in planning.

Here is some specific bequest language you could include in a will:

• I bequest to Bethesda Hospital Foundation…an amount equal to ___ percent of my estate as finally determined for income tax purposes.
• I bequest the sum of ______ dollars to the Bethesda Hospital Foundation, a charitable organization located at 2815 South Seacrest Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435.
• I bequest the following described property to the Bethesda Hospital Foundation…, my residence located at….
• I bequest the residue of my estate, after the satisfaction of all specific bequests and payment of all taxes and other costs attending my death, to the Bethesda Hospital Foundation…

Knowing that Bethesda is a non-profit community hospital, you may want to make a charitable donation, but may not have the resources to make a big cash gift. By providing for Bethesda Foundation in your will, you – like Mr. Littlewood – can accomplish the following:
• Keep assets available when they’re needed so you can maintain your standard of living;
• Remove the value of the bequest to Bethesda from your taxable estate;
• Allow for changes in the value of your estate by setting up the bequest as a percentage of your estate;
• Provide a benefit to the entire community as you help support the Bethesda Hospital Foundation with its fundraising efforts to support the creation and advancements of the Hospital’s Centers of Excellence

For more information about Ways to Give, contact the Foundation’s Planned Giving Director John Landry at (561) 737-7733, ext. 85448.