Please consider naming the Bethesda Hospital Foundation a beneficiary of your TRUST. In return, you will receive the satisfaction of helping an organization that exists to be there for you, your family and your neighbors when you need us. In the TRUST method of donating, you legally name as beneficiary the Bethesda Hospital Foundation, Inc. of 2815 S. Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL. 33435. When you pass away the amount you specify for Bethesda will be used for Bethesda’s general charitable purposes.

Bethesda values any TRUST gift, but if you make the gift irrevocable by removing any language allowing you to change or cancel Bethesda as a beneficiary, Bethesda can extend recognition at one of our VIP donor levels like the Benefactors Pavilion Society.You can specify that Bethesda receive a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the remainder, or the full remainder amount.
There are many advantages to a TRUST gift:
  1. By giving to Bethesda by TRUST you can continue to use the assets in your TRUST to provide needed income during your lifetime, but still support the hospital.
  2. You can receive the security of lifetime income at a set percentage, typically 5%, of the annual value of the TRUST assets.
  3. By putting your long-term appreciated assets into a TRUST and giving a remainder to charity, you may avoid capital-gains tax.
  4. By putting your assets into a TRUST rather than an Annuity, your income may grow as the value of the assets grows (but unlike an Annuity your income may go down if the value of the assets goes down).
  5. Your irrevocable TRUST donation qualifies for a charitable tax deduction.
  6. If you would rather help Bethesda now through your TRUST, rather than when you pass away, a “LEAD TRUST” provides the trust’s “lead” or first income to Bethesda now, leaving your heirs to inherit the rest.
  7. Recognition in one of the VIP donor levels is offered depending on the tax-deductible present value of the gift:
  • $10,000-$49,999 — Recognition in the Foundation VIP donor society.
  • $50,000 —  Recognition for one individual in the Benefactors Pavilion Society.
  • $75,000 — Recognition for a couple in the Benefactors Pavilion Society. 
  • $100,000+— Recognition in the Family Benefactors Pavilion Society.
Katherine would like to make a donation to Bethesda because she is grateful for having a world-class hospital so close to her Florida residence, but she does not feel comfortable with an outright donation because at 74 years of age she still wants income from her investments to live on. Katherine transfers $100,000 worth of stocks -- that she’d bought some time ago for $50,000 -- to ownership by her new TRUST. The TRUST specifies that she will receive 5% of the TRUST value for life. Her first year income is $5,000. Because she has made a charity like Bethesda the irrevocable charitable remainder beneficiary, she may receive a charitable tax deduction of $58,400. Because the tax-deductible amount is over $50,000 Katherine qualifies for lifetime recognition at Bethesda’s Benefactors Pavilion Society donor level.
Donor’s Age               Minimum Gift Amount

 90 and over                $65,000
    85-89                       $70,000
    80-84                       $75,000
    75-79                       $85,000
    70-74                       $100,000
    65-69                       $115,000
    60-64                       $135,000
    55-59                       $160,000
    50-54                       $195,000

Bethesda extends Benefactors Pavilion Society donor level recognition to individuals who donate a tax-deductible amount of $50,000.  These minimum gift amounts are the “present value” of today’s $50,000 based on the donor’s age and life expectancy, and assume that the trust is paying out the typical 5% income for one donor’s lifetime. If the trust has a higher payout than 5% the amount donated would need to be higher.  If the trust is paying out for two lifetimes (husband/ wife) the tax-deductible “present value” would need to equal $75,000.

To receive recognition, the trust’s beneficiary designation must be  irrevocable, and copies of the trust document and a recent statement of the trust’s value submitted to Bethesda Hospital Foundation.

This is general information only and is not meant to communicate legal or financial advice. The calculations are for illustration purposes only. For specific application to your individual situation, please consult with your legal and financial advisors.

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