The Magnolia Society 



The Magnolia Society has a long history of direct support for Bethesda’s Center for Women and Children. Each membership provides $250 to fund projects within this Center. The Magnolia Society has been responsible for raising more than $1 Million for equipment critical for new mothers, babies and premature infants first days of life. We also continue to fund the Parent Education Center that supports the family dynamic both during and after a new child is born. Bethesda’s Center for Women & Children delivers more than 3,100 babies annually. Your commitment to support the Center directly helps aide in bringing new life into our community.


Members at the Diamond Level will have the option to vote on which project the additional funds will support. Voting results will be announced at the annual Magnolia Brunch.


Our membership continues to grow and we look forward to your support of the Hospital and the

Center for Women and Children as a member of the Magnolia Society!


Thank you to our members of The Magnolia Society!

For information on how to join please contact the Foundation at (561)-737-7733 ext. 84445

Diamond Members

Mrs. Eileen Augustyn

Dr. Regine V. Bataille

Ms. Betsy Blake

Mrs. Mary J. Blum

Ms. Yvonne S. Boice

Mrs. Tammy Culmer

Ms. Nancy Dockerty

Mrs. Susan T. Duane

Mrs. Gail C. Durkin

Mrs. Betty J. Finnerty

Ms. Lisa A. Fullmer

Mrs. Kimberly C. Gramm

Mrs. Ann P. Heilakka

Mrs. Linda M. Heneks

Mrs. Patricia L. Imperatore

Mrs. Anne B. Jackson

Dr. Joanne Y. Julien

Mrs. Stephanie Kahlert

Mrs. Dale D. Kirk

Mrs. Penny Kosinski

Mrs. Phyllis Spinner Kramer

Mrs. Monica C. Lalane

Mrs. Betti Lidsky

Mrs. Kelly M. Liguori

Mrs. Valerie D. Mathieu

Mrs. Brenda G. Medore

Mrs. Pnina Milstein

Mrs. Marina Morbeck

Dr. Jacqueline R. Moroco Maloney

Mrs. Sheila O'Boyle

Mrs. Tina R. O'Connor

Mrs. Nicole L. Pasqual

Mrs. Karen M. Rogers

Mrs. Carol A. Selig

Mrs. Kari A. Shipley

Mrs. Laura L. Silver

Mrs. Kirsten B. Stanley

Ms. Irene Stolfi Burns

Mrs. Michelle R. Suskauer

Mrs. Anne Vegso

Mrs. Luane Venables

Mrs. Michelle B. White

Mrs. Diane S. Wilde

Mrs. Amelia H. Wilson

Mrs. Bettina M. Young

Mrs. Nancy Zarcadoolas

Emerald Members

Mrs. Leanne Adair

Mrs. Barbara Backer

Mrs. Kimberly H. Beaumont

Mrs. Michele P. Burns

Mrs. Christie Cade

Mrs. Pamela R. Carey

Mrs. Valerie Coz

Mrs. Gloria G. Creviston

Mrs. Dawn Edwards

Mrs. Debra A. Ghostine

Mrs. Justin G. Grandic

Mrs. Carrie P. Hill

Mrs. Astrid Klein

Mrs. Suzanne W. Lanigan

Mrs. Joan W. Leslie

Mrs. Sheila C. List

Mrs. Hilary C. Lynch

Mrs. Evelyne Manes

Mrs. Stephanie A. Milord

Mrs. Lisa M. Morgan

Mrs. Beverly J. Oren

Mrs. Karen M. Peterson

Mrs. Alissa Rabin

Mrs. Ida May Tafel

Ms. Billie Jo Wanink

Mrs. Margot E. Watson

Mrs. Pamela R. Weekes

Mrs. Sharon M. Weekes


Pearl Members

Mrs. Barbara J. Armour

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Armour

Mrs. Helen M. Babione

Mrs. Gina R. Bender

Ms. Sylvie Bergeron

Mrs. Maria T. Bonilla Grillo

Mrs. Frances M. Botos

Mrs. Frances F. Bourque

Mrs. Anne S. Bright

Mrs. Linda M. Callaway

Mrs. Ann Carro

Mrs. Chiara J. Clark

Mrs. Shirley C. Cleveland

Mrs. Joanne R. Day

Mrs. Melissa deBaptiste

Mrs. Dorothy B. Denault

Mrs. Margaret J. Dolan

Dr. Madeleine A. DuPree

Mrs. Marguerite W. Eaton

Mrs. Maureen Fay

Ms. Diane Franco

Mrs. Seran E. Glanfield

Mrs. Mary Glynn Cullinan

Ms. Joan Gobrecht

Ms. Stefanie Gugelot

Mrs. Julie G. Hagnauer

Mrs. Nancy Green Hockton

Mrs. Catherine H. Jacobus

Mrs. K. Cody Jones

Mrs. Patricia A. Jones

Mrs. Rema J. Kaleel

Mrs. Ana L. Kenefick

Mrs. Patricia Kinnaird

Mrs. Patricia Knobel

Mrs. Cynthia A. Krebsbach

Mrs. Rosemary G. Krieger

Mrs. Lynne H. Kucera

Mrs. Carrie S. LaNoce

Mrs. Narissa Lawrence

Mrs. Margaret L. Martin

Mrs. Joanne C. McAdams

Mrs. Patricia S. Moum

Mrs. Catherine Mouw

Mrs. Nicole J. Mugavero

Mrs. Lisa N. Mulhall

Mrs. Susan S. Mullin

Mrs. Gail F. Murphy

Mrs. Jo H. Neal

Mrs. Joan K. Orthwein

Mrs. Karen A. Phillips

Mrs. Kandace C. Philosophos

Mrs. Gail A. Queeney

Mrs. Susan E. Roegiers

Mrs. Elizabeth E. Ruth

Ms. Pamela Z. Sandine

Mrs. Michele N. Siben

Mrs. Elizabeth W. Sigel

Mrs. Shelly J. Sipp

Mrs. Susan N. Skinner

Mrs. Jorgette D. Smith

Mrs. Patricia C. Stewart

Mrs. James B. Surpless

Mrs. Karen B. Sweetapple

Mrs. Suanne B. Taylor

Mrs. Catherine C. Toomey

Mrs. Norma P. Walsh

Ms. Beatrice Werhahn

Ms. Patricia Werhahn

Mrs. Lisa H. White

Ms. Lynn H. Wilkins

Ms. Gayle Zimmerman

Our sincere apologies for any omission of names.