The Benefactors Pavilion Society

The Bethesda Hospital Foundation invites you to consider a charitable donation to support our nonprofit community hospital mission at a level that allows us to recognize you at the Benefactors Pavilion Society level. To thank our major donors, Bethesda created the Benefactors Pavilion, a private VIP wing that combines world-class medical care with the comforts of home and five-star hotel amenities.

The Benefactors Pavilion Society features large, private suites with a sitting area, desk, sleeper sofa, deluxe marble bathroom and entertainment center. You can enjoy a breath of fresh air on our outdoor terrace, visit with your guests in our well-appointed lobby or conduct business in our conference room. Benefactors Society level donors receive complimentary stays in one of the Pavilion’s eleven suites should they ever need hospitalization. The Pavilion’s chefs will personally take your order for breakfast, lunch and dinner, preparing complimentary gourmet meals in the Pavilion Kitchen for you and a family member, served on fine china.  Most importantly for your health, you get that extra level of “TLC” with a nurse to patient ratio of one nurse to three or four patients – the best in the area – and access to our Benefactor concierge service to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 

Benefactors Pavilion Society level donors receive courtesies beyond access to a VIP suite.  Benefactor level donors may also receive expedited service in our Emergency Room (after appropriate triage), assistance with physician referrals and coordinating your care, access to physician lectures and wellness programs including a complimentary flu shot program in the fall. Special codes in the hospital computer records alert staff when a Benefactor is admitted. Lifetime members are issued a VIP gold identification card. Reserved parking spaces are also available. All courtesies are extended on a non-guaranteed, “first-come, first-served” basis and depend on availability because they are gestures of thanks to those who make a major gift in support of Bethesda’s mission.

Recognition at the Benefactors Pavilion Society donor level is at Bethesda’s discretion, is not transferable, and subject to Bethesda’s Bylaws and Policies.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If you use any courtesies in the same year in which you make a contribution, as you itemize your deductions consult with your tax advisor to review recent revisions of IRS publications 526 and 561 on valuing charitable gifts: while not specifically mentioning hospital courtesies these publications could be interpreted to urge that you lessen the amount of any charitable deduction by the value of any courtesy received.

For more information contact:

John Landry, Benefactors Pavilion Society Director 

561-737-7733 ext. 85448

2815 S. Seacrest Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33435