Gift Annuity Rates


  Age Rate  
  90 and over 9.0%  
  89 8.7%  
  88 8.4%  
  87 8.2%  
  86 8.0%  
  85 7.8%  
  84 7.6%  
  83 7.4%  
  82 7.2%  
  81 7.0%  
  80 6.8%   
  79 6.6%  
  78 6.4%  
  77 6.2%  
  76 6.0%  
  75 5.8%  

Please consider a Charitable Gift Annuity as a way to support Bethesda Hospital Foundation and provide yourself with guaranteed income for life.

Bethesda Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization licensed by the State of Florida to offer a Gift Annuity program.

In the Gift Annuity method of donating, you make an upfront donation and we make a contract with you to pay you income for life at a fixed rate of return. The minimum Gift Annuity is $10,000.

When you pass away the remainder goes to Bethesda’s charitable purposes.

There are many advantages to the Annuity:

  1. If your stocks are not providing income at a consistent level, you can transfer them to Bethesda Hospital Foundation and get the secure feeling of fixed lifetime income.
  2. Your Gift Annuity donation is put into Bethesda’s pool of other Gift Annuities that has a special back-up reserve required by the State of Florida to guarantee the payments for your lifetime.
  3. Your Gift Annuity donation qualifies you to take a tax deduction on the gift.  The deduction is usually about half or less of the upfront gift because you are getting funds back in Annuity payments.
  4. The older you are the better your rate because your age determines your rate of guaranteed fixed return.
  5. Your Gift Annuity income payments do not depend on whether the market goes up or down, but are a fixed rate.
  6. Your annual Annuity payment is mostly tax-free but partially taxable depending on your age.  (Once you outlive your actuarial life expectancy, the entire payment is taxable though.)
  7. Recognition in one of the VIP donor clubs is offered depending on the tax-deductible level of the gift.
  8. Individuals who donate $75,000 or more receive lifetime recognition at the Benefactors Pavilion Society donor level wherein complimentary access is provided to a private special wing of the hospital known as the Benefactors Pavilion (on a first-come, first-served basis depending on availability).  Couples receive recognition with a donation of $100,000. 

Katherine is an 83 year-old widow who is nervous about the economy and the low rates of her CDs and money market funds. She would like to make a donation to Bethesda because she is grateful for having a world-class hospital so close to her Florida residence, but she can’t make an outright donation because she still needs the income.
Katherine transfers to Bethesda Hospital Foundation $25,000 in stocks that she and her husband bought years ago for $10,000. The Gift Annuity contract she signs with Bethesda Foundation provides her with:

  • A guaranteed rate of return of 7.4% on the $25,000.
  • Income for life of $1,850 a year paid out at $462.50 a quarter. (Of that amount, 32% would be tax-free, 48% would be capital gains, and 20% ordinary income for 7.8 years.)
  • A tax-deduction of $13,471—about half of the upfront donation. In addition, at the $25,000 amount, Katherine is recognized at the Foundation Club donor level if she needs hospitalization. Call (561) 737-7733, ext. 85448 for your personalized rates.

*Bethesda Hospital Foundations uses as a guideline the rates set by the American Council on Gift Annuities (AGCA)